Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much are your pregnancy tests?
A: Our pregnancy tests are always free. We provide the test for your use, but recommend that you also see a medical professional. 

Q. What type and how accurate is the test?
A: It is a urine test which is 99.9% accurate. 

Q. How soon can I have a test?
A: A urine test can be taken 21 days after the first day of your last period. You can come to Elisha House anytime during our regular operating hours to receive the free test.

Q. Are you a medical clinic?
A: We are not a medical facility. We recommend that you follow up with your family doctor or health care professional for confirmation of your test results. 

Q. Do you offer Ultrasound? 
A: We do not offer ultrasounds at this point. 

Q. Do I need an appointment?
A: You do not need an appointment. You can walk in any time. Our hours are Monday-Friday 9:00-4:00. We are closed on statutory holidays. However, you can call 905-735-9934 to make an appointment.

Q. I am undecided what to do if I am pregnant. Will I get information on all of my options?
A: Absolutely. We are committed to giving women full disclosure information on abortion, adoption and parenting. Every woman’s situation is unique and she deserves to know all the facts so she can make an informed decision. We do not believe in withholding information from women in the decision making process. 

Q. I want an abortion. Can I come to you?
A: Elisha House can give you information about abortion. However, we do not provide abortions, nor do we refer for abortions. If you would like a referral for abortion, you must contact a different facility. 

Q. What kinds of counseling problems and issues does Elisha House address? 
A: Some of the areas that we can help you include marital relationships, parent-child relationships, sibling relationships, budgeting, personal issues or mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, stress, eating disorders, discouragement etc. In the event that we feel we can’t provide you the best care for your personal situation, we will help connect you with another agency that can better meet your needs.

Q. I’ve decided to come for help… what do I do now?
A: Call Elisha House at 905-735-9934 during regular office hours, which are Monday-Friday, 9:00-4:00, to request services. You can also walk in to take a test during these hours. You can call after hours and leave a message. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible. If it is an emergency and you need help immediately, you can call or text our hotline at 289-823-2424 and someone will be in touch with you. 

Q. I am underage; do I need the presence of a parent of legal guardian, or their permission, to come for help?
A: If you are twelve years of age  or younger; you will need the written permission from your parent or legal guardian to participate in counseling. If you are over twelve years old, you do not need a parent or legal guardian present.

Q. What about confidentiality?
A: All of our services are confidential. We will not release information to anyone without prior written consent from the counselee, except when legally obliged to. 

Q. What kind of qualifications do your staff have?
A: The Elisha House Pregnancy and Family Support Centres strive to engage staff with varying degrees of qualifying accreditation and/or equivocal life experiences, i.e. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Masters in Counseling, Masters in Social Work, or another diploma, such as social work, Biblical counseling certification or child and youth work etc.

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